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The versatile IP Trade turrets meet the needs of the most demanding professional traders.

IP Trade Trading Turrets for Financial Institutions

IPTrade T4 turrets give traders fast and easy access to all functions through a touch-screen interface that can be configured to  meet  their  needs  and  preferences. Key  trading  requirements  such  as  open  line  dealing,  intercom,  group  call  visibility,  interception,  video/audio  streaming,  call  handling  history,  recording  replay  and  many  others  are  available.

The turret has a 15 inch touch-screen which can be mounted through a wide range of angles.

At the backside, up to 2 handsets (Push-to-Talk or Push-to-Mute), a high fidelity gooseneck microphone and up to 2 speakers (with call separation) can be connected. Wired or wireless headsets are also an option.

An internal high-speed switching module offers resilient Ethernet connectivity between the turret and the corporate  network, also allowing the trader PC to be hooked on.

Graphical User Interface

GUI is highly configurable through the use of selectable ‘applets’ which can be positioned to suit users and the needs of the business. Profiles for individuals and teams are supported so that traders can logon at any turret and have access to their own setup along with the team configuration.

The touch-screen is particularly strong in team environments since activity by colleagues can be easily seen and action taken, including picking up calls on hold and even barging into calls, subject to authority level controls.

Features Summary

    • Capacitive Touch screen interface (Zoom in/out – Slide capacity) – no mechanical parts ;
    • Up to 32 simultaneous media streams (2 handsets, 30 on monitoring applet);
    • Roaming profile login;
    • Corporate directories, simplified search, advanced call history;
    • Straight telephony keystrokes: Call supervision & interception, single button transfers & call dispatching;
    • Up to 10’000 shortcuts per user arranged in configurable pages, optionally linked to a corporate directory (i.e. LDAP, MS Active Directory);
    • User customization along with centralized administration – Intuitive maintenance mode where traders can easily configure new contacts and preferences;
    • Application integration: CRM, Audio/Video streaming, Voice recording – search/replay at the turret, Click to Dial from mail client and MS Office Suite, Outlook contact synchronization;
    • Advanced telephony features: Private wires (ARD & MRD) and Hoot & Holler, Open line dealing, Intercom (individual, group broadcast), Call presence / supervision / interception, full DDI line sharing.

Turrets Models

    • IPT-PRO-T4: 15” display up to 32 media streams (2 handsets, 30 speakers)
    • IPT-PRO-T4M: 10” display up to 12 media streams (2 handsets, 10 speakers)
    • IPT-PRO-T4 Flex: Software Turret to 5 media streams (2 handsets, 3 speakers)

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