Trading Floor – Value Proposition

Infrastructure Evolution

Last two decades solutions required the maintenance of complex infrastructures and vendor relationships associated with proprietary, closed architecture systems. The advent of new IP based solutions is radically transforming the trading desktop with new, cost-efficient ways of trading while combining mobility and business continuity. Some of the benefits of an open converged IP trading system include:

    • Flexibility – traders can log into any turret at any time and have full access to their own personalized screens;
    • Versatility – private wires and turret lines can be shared with standard Cisco handsets.
    • Scalability – with a centralized IP architecture, end points can be extended to new offices without the need for additional infrastructure;
    • Corporate dial plan – single telephony platform for the front and back offices optimizes call flows while simplifying management;
    • Easy voice recording – single recording solution for front and back office with full call detail recording and search capabilities;
    • Highly resilient architecture – makes use of existing industry-standard network infrastructure to deliver quick, easy and cost-effective deployment and management;
    • Space saving – frees a significant amount of data centre space and power  compared to legacy PBX trading racks;

Axylink Services
As a Certified IP Trade Partner and an expert in Cisco Networking and Unified Communications, we have the capability to provide you with high-grade professional services to design, implement and maintain your trading floor at highest level of efficiency while keeping yours costs under firm control.