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Value Proposition
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Value Proposition

People from critical call dispatching services in the enterprise and public sector such as receptionist, VIP secretary, attendant/assistant or call center agent today require powerful operator consoles to efficiently handle and manipulate a very large number of incoming calls.


The IP Touchphone appliance, powered by IP Trade, addresses this need and offers advanced call handling features. Some of the benefits include:


    • Seamless integration as a phone SIP endpoint to the corporate IP infrastructure making use of the company dial plan & simplifying management;
    • Touchscreen device – advanced call manipulation at finger tips;
    • Leading edge call features – Multiple call queuing, advanced contact management and directory lookup, boss-secretary feature set;
    • GUI versatility – Highly configurable user interface allowing multiple widget configurations to meet various business scenarios;
    • Easy voice recording – integrated recording solution with full call detail recording and search capabilities;
    • Scalability – with a centralized IP architecture, appliances can be extended to new offices without the need for additional infrastructure;
    • Highly resilient architecture – makes use of existing industry-standard network infrastructure to deliver quick, easy and cost-effective deployment and management;



Axylink Services
As a Certified IP Touchphone Partner and an expert in Cisco Networking and Unified Communications, we have the capability to provide you with high-grade professional services to design, implement and maintain your company dispatching telephony services at highest level of efficiency while keeping yours costs under firm control.