IP Touchphone Console

The versatile IP Touchphone meet the needs of the most demanding professional receptionists, VIP assistant, helpdesks & call centers agents.

TAD – Touchscreen Assistant Device  &  SDC – Service Desk Console

TAD addresses the needs of receptionists, attendants and assistants in the enterprise and public sector environments. It is the perfect tool for operators providing a broad range of leading edge communication services encompassing: IP voice, call queuing, advanced contacts management, call manipulation and an advanced boss-secretary feature set.

SDC addresses the needs of agents in help-desks, call centers or dispatching center environments. With its state of the art communication services such as: common view of queues, large amount of customizable contacts, dispatch keys and voice recording, it is the daily communication tool.

GUI is highly configurable through the use of selectable ‘applets’ which can be positioned to suit users and the needs of the business. Profiles for individuals and teams are supported so that agents can logon at any turret and have access to their own setup along with the team configuration.

Touchscreen interface with no mechanical components associated with hardened Cisco Communication Manager software guarantees a high reliability.

Features Summary

Call Queuing Management

Call-waiting queues provide a convenient mean to attendant(s) to handle in-bound calls activity for a company, for different departments or services within a company, or even for several companies and help them in coping efficiently with heavy-traffic periods.

A large number of queues (internal, external, departments, locations) can be configured, displayed on managed on the console using advanced techniques:

    • Call Activity Overview: A single look allows an overview of all calls to be answered and can be prioritized based on queue identity, calling party, or the time the call has spent in the system;
    • Over-flow queues: When a queue becomes full, over-flowing calls will be diverted into the over-flow queue;
    • Recall queues: When the operator transfers a call and that the employee does not answer, the call will automatically return to the operator’s recall queue;
    • MOH: Each queue can have its own music or message on hold.

Assistant / Manager

IP Touchphone is designed to be a highly efficient tool to monitor the phones lines of multiple managers. Buttons are associated with the different lines or line appearances of the manager’s phones, and the Executive Assistant has full access to manipulate them including: call pick-up, transfer, listen in, whisper (speak to the manager while already on another call), inserting calls into existing ones and sending text messages or emails to the managers. Executive Assistants have access to a complete history of all the calls and lines monitored.

Advanced Telephony features

IP Touchphone will provide all the basic capability features of a normal IP Phone but will also have specific features as follows:

    • Call dispatching: The operator can make blind transfers with a single touch of the screen using our special keys and save time;
    • Recall: The operator has the ability, when transferring a call, to take it back if the person receiving does not answer;
    • Waiting time alert: The operator will be alerted by a flashing color warning when a caller has been waiting too long in a queue;
    • Detailed call history: The console displays a detailed call history about missed, received and placed calls;
    • Text message & email: The operator has the ability to send text messages or email;
    • Announcements and intercom: IP Touchphone provides intercom facilities which can be used to broadcast announcements to other users, groups or all employees.

Contact Management & CRM

The console supports thousands of user configurable contacts which are accessible through rich-content buttons, displaying presence status, names, phone numbers, department, function and sites. The directories can be synchronized with Active Directory (or other LDAP), Outlook contacts, or be statically imported from CSV files.

In addition, IP Touchphone integrates with your enterprise CRM. The console can lookup remote party identity of incoming calls (on the fly search) based on different criteria (internal/external phone numbers, mobiles). On matching look-up, the operator will receive a pop-up applet with all the existing caller information.

Voice Recording & Replay

All calls can be recorded to a central recorder. This feature can be used ‘On-Demand’ for archiving or compliance reasons but also as a “Dictaphone” type feature. The console application provides easy-to-use search and replay facilities so that any recorded call can be located and replayed directly from the IP Touchphone console.

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